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I’m here at Chiropractic Rocks in Burbank, California, and we’re having a great time connecting with other doctors and vendors.

The question of the day is, how do you guarantee your patients that they’re gonna lose over twenty pounds or more in six weeks, right?

Well, this is how I do it.

We don’t do a moneyback guarantee but provided they comply with the program, I guarantee that they will lose twenty to twenty-five pounds, if they don’t cheat, report to me regularly, be honest with me, and if they do cheat, please let me know so I could help them win anyway. If they don’t hit that mark in six-eight weeks, I keep working with them at no extra charge until they do.

Keep in mind that patients, especially with women, will not be able to lose twenty pounds, but they’re losing fat and inches, leaning out their muscle mass so that mass can replace the fat.

Keep that in mind, I guarantee they’ll lose the twenty pounds, but because I have a body comp analysis, body composition analysis, I can then show them that, “Hey, look, you may not have lost twenty pounds, but you lost a lot of fat, and you replaced it with lean muscle, you look and feel great.

Let’s face it, when you look better, you feel better.

Give us a call, I look forward to being of service to see how ChiroThin can serve you and the patients you love the most, then want to help the most to help your chiropractic outcomes.