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You Will Receive Support When Joining ChiroThin!

Become part of a supportive community!


So, what kind of support will you receive as a doctor or as a team member for a ChiroThin office?

The support is top-notch.

The moment you come on board, we’re going to give you some strategy.

We’re going to teach you more about your ideal client, time management, we’re going to show you the systems and resources you have so you could get right to it.

You can go at your pace, too.

A pace that’s comfortable to you.

You don’t have to hit a home run all the time when you start something new.

We just want you to get on base, and the more you get on base, over and over again, just like in baseball, those who get on base, the majority of the time, end up in the Hall of Fame.

We want you to be a Hall of Fame clinic.

Not only just a Hall of Fame clinic but a beacon of hope to the many that are trying to get healthy along with your chiropractic care, so they can live their best life ever.

Hope you enjoy that.

Feel free to reach out to us by clicking above and we look forward to being of service.



How Do You Guarantee Results For Your Clients In Your Practice

Work with your patients to achieve their goal.


I’m here at Chiropractic Rocks in Burbank, California, and we’re having a great time connecting with other doctors and vendors.

The question of the day is, how do you guarantee your patients that they’re gonna lose over twenty pounds or more in six weeks, right?

Well, this is how I do it.

We don’t do a moneyback guarantee but provided they comply with the program, I guarantee that they will lose twenty to twenty-five pounds, if they don’t cheat, report to me regularly, be honest with me, and if they do cheat, please let me know so I could help them win anyway. If they don’t hit that mark in six-eight weeks, I keep working with them at no extra charge until they do.

Keep in mind that patients, especially with women, will not be able to lose twenty pounds, but they’re losing fat and inches, leaning out their muscle mass so that mass can replace the fat.

Keep that in mind, I guarantee they’ll lose the twenty pounds, but because I have a body comp analysis, body composition analysis, I can then show them that, “Hey, look, you may not have lost twenty pounds, but you lost a lot of fat, and you replaced it with lean muscle, you look and feel great.

Let’s face it, when you look better, you feel better.

Give us a call, I look forward to being of service to see how ChiroThin can serve you and the patients you love the most, then want to help the most to help your chiropractic outcomes.



I Work With Great People, So Will You!

Great community for a great program!


I wanted to let you know that when you’re working with ChiroThin, especially as a doctor or as a team member, you’re also working with great people.

I work with doctors across the country through our private ChiroThin Doctors Facebook group, so you’re never alone, and the support staff is amazing.

Patty’s in charge of client services, Frank is in charge of sales, and me, yours truly, well, guess what?

I’m one of your sales people here, that is the ChiroThin liaison to the chiropractic profession.

Not only do I get the chance to work with good people and not just good people, great people, and so will you.

If you have any questions, you want to learn more about ChiroThin and how to implement it in your practice, give us a call and we’ll take care of you.

I’ll share with you just what I do in practice, so that way you could see if this is going to be a fit for you as well.



Why I Opened a Practice in San Mateo, CA

It’s an honor to serve my hometown.

Aloha! So why I opened a practice in San Mateo was simple.

This is where I predominantly grew up in, I grew up in San Mateo County, between Foster City and San Mateo.

I went to high school here, I went to grade school here, I even went to college here.

Since I have a lot of roots here, I just felt like, wow, this would be a great place to open a practice.

I started in Burlingame first and then migrated down to Foster City, which eventually led me in the last ten years now here in San Mateo, right off Highway 92 and Mariners Island Boulevard.

So, that is why I’m here.

I love serving the San Mateo community, and I look forward to what’s possible for you and your health, like what we’ve been doing to the very successful many that we’ve seen over the last ten to fifteen years, here in San Mateo.


We look forward to being of service.


Too Difficult To Add a New Service?

Adding a new service takes time!


Today I’m going to talk about the myth that it’s difficult adding a new niche service to your practice.

It is, especially if you’re going to make it that way.

If you want to add this niche, you’re gonna make some time for it.

Coordinate with your team, look at your schedule, revamp some things because you see that there are a lot of possibilities and a lot of great things that will happen, especially if you’re adding weight loss to your chiropractic practice.

It could be any number of people on your team who can run this particular weight loss program for you, and you, as the doctor, just have to supervise and check in and make sure things are going okay.

That’s the beautiful thing about this.

So one is, you got to make some time.

You got to strategically put people there at certain consultation times, so that way you have time to take care of them and address their needs.

Second of all, once you start seeing some money coming in or start seeing the fruits of your efforts, I say, believe me, you’re going to be happy that you put your niche in.

It’s just about a mindset and always staying in the how, not that I can’t, but stay in the how, how can we do this?

At the same time, make it happen because you have exposure to so many of your patients, chiropractically right now, it would be a shame if you didn’t serve them for their health and weight loss needs, on top of the great work you do as a chiropractor.

I hope you found that of use and interest.



Top 10 Tips to Avoid Late Night Snacking

Did you know that there’s an obesity crisis in the United States?

According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), about 1 in 13 adults have extreme obesity. That’s a concerning statistic as it has a great implication to the country’s state of healthiness.

The cause of obesity often varies, and most of the time it’s a combination of different factors. There are times when you can’t stop obsessing over food even when you’re not hungry. This leads you to start late night snacking.

Nighttime eating can cause you to gain more weight due to the fact that you end up eating more calories than you need. Read on if you want to know how to stop yourself from indulging in a midnight snack.

1. Identify the Cause

There are some people that eat their food in the evening or during the course of the night. If you’re one of these people, changing the habit requires you to identify the reason behind it. After all, eating late at night might be the result of restrictive eating habit during the day, making you hungrier at night.

There are some eating disorders that cause you to eat at night more, like binge eating disorders or the night eating syndrome. Alternatively, you might be trying to comfort yourself with food to stop being sad or angry.

2. Identify the Triggers

Aside from the main cause, you need to look into the specific events that set off night eating. If you’re not hungry but find yourself eating at night, retrace your steps and find out the cause of what led you to eat.

In most cases, you’ll find yourself fulfilling a need that isn’t related to hunger at all. A good way to track your nighttime eating triggers is to keep a journal that relates your mood while eating.

3. Develop a Routine

If you’re not eating enough during the day, it’s better to get into a habit. Using structured eating and sleeping times often helps spread your appetite as the day passes since it helps you lessen your hunger when the night comes.

You also need to get some good sleep since your calorie intake and lack of sleep have a link, with the latter causing you to have poor diet quality. Poor sleep quality can increase your obesity risk and lead you to develop more diseases.

4. Develop a Meal Plan

You can learn how to stop eating at night by making a meal plan as part of your daily activities. Plan your meals and start eating healthy late night snacks if you can’t stop. At the very least, having healthy food reduces the chances of you eating on impulse and make poor meal choices.

It reduces your food anxiety and helps distribute meals as the day progresses.

5. Find Professional Support

If you feel that your nighttime eating is a result of mental disorders, don’t hesitate and ask for experts to help you. These people can aid you in identifying your eating triggers and formulate a plan. Some of these can help by implementing a ChiroThin weight loss program, depending on your situation.

6. Stop Stress

The two most common reasons people overeat even without hunger is anxiety and stress. Using food to relieve yourself of these feelings is a bad solution. As soon as you notice that you eat more when you feel these, stop and try different means of relaxing and letting go of your negative emotions.

You can try relaxation techniques like breathing exercises or meditation. Try some gentle exercises or stretching and see what works for you.

7. Have on a Regular Basis Through the Day

Erratic eating patterns often result in overeating late at night. Eating in line with the normal eating patterns can keep your blood sugar levels more stable. It can suppress hunger, perceived lack of food intake, and irritability.

In a general sense, eating less than the prescribed three times a day makes it harder for you to control your food choices and urge to eat.

8. Have a Protein-filled Meal

Your appetite gets affected by the type of food you eat. Eating out of hunger is best satisfied when you include protein in your meal. It helps you become more or less satisfied during the day and stop you from thinking about food and late night snacking.

Frequent meals rich in protein reduce your craving by more than half. It cuts your desire to eat at night by 50%.

9. Get Rid of Junk Food

If you have the tendency to eat high-fat junk food at night, get rid of it. You’re less likely to eat them when you can’t reach them in the first place. Fill your house with the best late night snacks so that you have something healthy at least when you do eat at night.

Get some fruits, berries, yogurt, and other healthy options. These are filling and prevent you from eating a lot at night.

10. Distract Yourself from Hunger

Often, you overeat due to the fact that you have nothing else to do, find something else to enjoy during the evening. Occupy your mind with thoughts other than food. The best way to do this is through finding new hobbies or other late evening activities that take you away from the mindless eating to relieve boredom.

Prevent Late Night Snacking Today!

There are a lot of things you can do to have a healthier eating pattern. Late night snacking isn’t something you can prevent in its entirety. Even so, you can at least have healthier options to ensure that you don’t gain ungodly amounts of weight when you do it on a regular basis.

But if you want to shave off some pounds due to your unhealthy eating habits, you might want to try the ChiroThin weight loss program. It’s a safe procedure that can give you results. When you’re ready to start, find a ChiroThin doctor in your area with our locator.


Fat Burning or Fat Restoring

How to Keep Track of Clients

Today’s question is how to tell if a patient is burning or storing fat?

One way is to get a body composition analysis that will tell you right then and there if they are burning fat or not.

Another option may be for the patient to take their measurements with measuring tape on different parts of their body, like around their arms, neck, thighs, hips, and waist.

You want to keep track of the body composition of your patients because when people lose body fat they can end up replacing it with lean muscle which a scale alone won’t be able to track that sort of progress.

It’s important to know where your patients are in their weight loss journey so you can help them keep up with the program.

By keeping all of this in mind we can help people lose weight with ChiroThin and track their progress so we can get them to a healthy weight.


Prep for Success: How Meal Prep Can Help You Lose Weight

Eating healthy meals can be a struggle for busy adults. It seems easier to grab a quick bite out during a busy day than take the time to prepare a meal.

In fact, 20% of Americans admit they eat out at least once a week. This means people are choosing convenience over control.

The good news is, with some simple meal prep strategies you can combine convenience and control. Meal prep allows you to create healthy recipes for easy access throughout the week.

Choosing healthy meal prep options over less healthy fast food also helps with weight loss. A study from the National Institute of Health found that regular meal prep was beneficial to weight loss and decreased obesity. How does meal prep help you lose weight?

Weight Loss Benefits of Meal Prep

When you choose to plan ahead, creating healthy meals for the week, you give yourself more control over what you’re eating. When you go into your week prepared, you cut out the need for quick fixes when hunger strikes.

Control Nutrient Intake with Healthy Meals

With prepared meals, you have control over the nutritional value of your meals. Every person is different when it comes to their weight loss needs. With some simple planning and ahead-of-time prep, you make sure the foods you need are available.

You have complete control over the types of food you prepare. This means you can create snacks, breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that will meet your schedule needs. This cuts down on the quick dash to the fast food line or prepared foods section of the grocery store.

If you know you’ll be on the run through the day, you can create meals that travel well. You can also have meals ready in the fridge when you get home, so all you have to do is stick it in the oven.

Whatever your schedule requires, you control the foods available. By planning around these schedule needs, you ensure a balanced diet throughout the day. You also have the ability to plan for portion control.

Meal Prep Makes Shopping Easier

When you start with a plan, it’s easier to pick the groceries you need for the week. You can go into the grocery store knowing exactly what you need. This means you can plan your meals around high-quality foods and cut out the need for unhealthy snacks and prepared foods.

Healthy meal prep involves using downtime to create ready-to-go meals around foods that promote weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. High protein, healthy fats, and nutrient-rich vegetables are a staple with meal prep.

By planning meals around these nutrient-rich foods, you cut out the guesswork. This means having several standard meal prep recipes to plan around.

Planning Healthy Meals Decreases Food Obsession

One of the biggest problems with traditional diet plans is the obsession that takes over. When you start worrying about what not to eat, your mind can become obsessed with the rules of the diet.

If you focus on having food ready for when hunger strikes, you can reduce that food obsession. Focusing on what you have rather than what you don’t relieves the stress involved with dieting.

Meal prep helps you relax about where your next meal is coming from. You have a plan, you have food available as soon as you’re hungry, and you don’t have to worry about on the spot calorie counting or nutrient analysis.

By planning ahead you relieve the stress involved with making good food choices. You can plan for high protein and healthy fat meals for those times you know you’ll have a slump. This can cut out some of those cravings that derail your weight loss efforts.

Meal Prep Allows for Variety

Let’s face it, when we eat on the go, choices are limited. Fast food and quick grab foods only have so many options. This doesn’t have to be the case with healthy meal prep.

By preparing foods ahead of time, you can create several options to choose from for each day. This will help banish that food boredom that can come with dieting.

Meal prep allows for creativity and variety through the week. This keeps you from giving up and choosing something unhealthy. Plus, you cut out the need to choose from burger, chicken, or tacos every day that comes with a fast food diet.

How to Meal Prep

If you’re new to meal prep, make sure you start simple. Start with the meal that causes you the most trouble to get used to the idea. Pick some easy meal prep recipes to start, and slowly build up your options.

By starting simple you give yourself time to get used to the idea of meal prep. It also helps to get your family involved. Discuss favorite recipes and dietary needs for everyone.

Another way to keep it up is to schedule the time. If you plan the time for meal prep, you’re more likely to stick to that schedule.

Pick a specific day and time each week to plan and prepare your meals. Stick to that schedule. Treat this time just like you would any other priority on your schedule.

It’s also a good idea to plan and schedule the meals you plan to create. Get the foods that require the most prep out of the way first, and move on to simpler foods.

Knowing what recipes you plan to create also helps. If you have several meals that involve chicken, you can cook it all at the same time and separate it for the individual recipes. Make meal prep as easy as possible for yourself so you can stick with the process.

Beyond Meal Prep-Creating a Healthy Lifestyle

Meal prep is just one aspect of creating a healthy lifestyle for weight loss and maintenance. To get the most out of your health goals, it’s important to educate yourself and get advice.

Dietary supplements can also help as you work towards those health goals. Programs that are supervised by health professionals can help you find the right supplements or lifestyle needs for your weight loss goals. For more information about dietary programs, check out the ChiroThin program and find a doctor near you to help you get started.


Why You Need More Sleep to Lose Weight Naturally

It’s hard to lose weight. We know that well in the US. Our culture of obesity means we’re facing a major health crisis.

As such, fad diets, shred workouts and medical procedures are all the rage. They offer a quick short-term solution. But without a full lifestyle overhaul, the weight always comes back.

The best kind of weight loss occurs when we lose weight naturally.

That’s because natural weight loss means our lifestyle is healthy. Who doesn’t want to improve their lifestyle for a long, healthier life with more energy? A long life means more time for the people and things we love.

A big part of having a long, healthier life is the quality of sleep we are getting at night. Most people don’t associate sleep with weight loss, but they really should.

Does Sleep Impact How We Lose Weight Naturally?

That’s the question we seek to address in this article. It’s no secret that when we don’t get enough sleep bad things happen.

But how many people really know about the connection between sleep and weight loss?

On the surface, it’s easy. Getting sleep sets you up to make good decisions about your day. Maybe after some serious shut eye, you’ll take a medium coffee or hot tea, instead of a venti latte with extra caramel sauce.

Maybe you’ll have the energy to cook a dinner that’s high in vitamins and minerals that inspire natural weight loss. Maybe you won’t get Chinese take out instead.

When you don’t sleep, you don’t have the clarity to make good decisions. Being under the influence of sleep deprivation is much like being under the influence of a substance. It affects all of your decisions.

That’s Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Maybe you’re thinking, “Okay, okay. I can see how a lack of sleep impacts some decision making, but not mine.  I’m good to go!” But bad decision making is just the tip of the iceberg.

Even if you have the mental clarity to power through a tough day after sleep deprivation, there are things about not getting enough sleep that you can’t control. Namely, hormones.

Specifically, we’re talking about leptin and ghrelin. These hormones are critical in signaling hunger and fullness in the brain.

When you’re tired, your leptin plummets. And your body thinks it needs to eat more food to compensate.

To learn more about leptin and ghrelin we are going to look at them individually and the role they play in how we lose weight naturally.


Ghrelin (hormone) tells you it’s time to eat. The biological role of ghrelin is to prevent starvation and make sure you have the energy to get through the day.

If your stomach is empty, ghrelin is produced. But when your stomach stretches, presumably because you’ve eaten, the secretion of this hormone stops. Ghrelin helps to increase body mass.

When you only get a few hours of sleep and your body is tired, your ghrelin spikes.

That’s not a recipe to lose weight naturally. It’s a recipe to gain weight fast. Long story short, if you wake up tired from sleep deprivation, you’re going to be hungrier than you would otherwise.


We know when you don’t get sleep, you eat more due to ghrelin. But what’s up with leptin?  What role does it play in our quest to lose weight naturally?

Well, leptin is also known as the “satiety hormone”.

We need leptin to ensure we don’t overeat. It shares the same receptor in the brain as ghrelin. And when the ghrelin stops secreting, leptin takes its place to tell us we’ve had enough.

But when we are sleep deprived we also deprive our bodies of leptin. Because the hormone plummets far below normal levels.

So What Does That Mean?

The combination of high ghrelin and low leptin means we wake up hungry and have trouble feeling full. The result is overeating.

Overeating leads to weight gain.

So if you have one or two days like this a month, you might be alright.  But if you consistently lose sleep, you are playing a dangerous game of Wack-A-Mole with the hormones that help you make good decisions about food.

Eating the kind of carby meals you might choose when your decision making is impaired by lack of sleep increases leptin.

Now you may be thinking, “Well, that’s great! If I don’t get a lot of sleep, I’ll just carbo-load in the morning to get my leptin back up for the rest of the day!”

But that’s not good either because playing with your leptin levels can increase the likelihood of leptin-resistance. And leptin-resistance means you have a hard time getting full. It’s a tell-tale precursor to insulin resistance which is linked to diabetes.

Enter Cortisol, Stage Right

And just when you’ve had enough of these hormones tearing down your weight loss goals, enter cortisol. Cortisol is “the stress hormone” that induces a fight or flight response when we are anxious.

Cortisol hormone plays a key role in retaining belly fat and obesity. Studies show that sleep loss results in elevated levels of cortisol that can impact your ability to lose weight naturally.

High cortisol in the evening actually makes it difficult to fall asleep.

You read that right. Lack of sleep affects your cortisol levels the next evening making it harder to go to bed at night. So don’t start yourself down that vicious cycle that results in tiredness and obesity.

The Quick Fix

Ok, so there’s never an effective quick fix to natural weight loss. But there is a quick fix to ending sleep deprivation. Go to bed early and sleep all night through.

If you think you may be stuck in the cycle of sleep deprivation and poor food choices, make an appointment to see your doctor or chiropractor. Look for other natural ways to go to sleep early.  You can even download apps on your iPhone or Android that help you sleep.

No excuses. If you want to lose weight naturally and live a healthy, happy life start with your sleep cycle. Because everything’s connected.

If you don’t believe me, head to our website for before and after photos that will change your mind about natural weight loss.


How To Spot Someone Who Is Fit for A Weight Loss Program

A great question I’ve recently heard is…

“How do you know if someone is a proper fit for your weight loss program?”

First, find anyone that’s overweight. Anyone that’s overweight by 10 or 20 pounds or more is definitely a good fit.

You’re looking for anyone that is dealing with a lot of systemic things — like maybe type two diabetes, high blood pressure, or digestive distress. They’re not sleeping well at night. Their skin looks horrible. They look older than they actually are.

Don’t forget to do this with your active patient, and ask them if they know anyone else that is looking to lose weight in a doctor-supervised and healthy manner.

Those are some of the best ways to find out who’s qualified in your clinic.

People the are most qualified in your clinic are the ones that really want to get healthy.

They’re following your chiropractic treatment programs. They’re very receptive to doing something different, and they’re willing to do what it takes to make a difference in their health, even if they know they’re going to miss out on certain foods that they’re going to want to have over the next 6-8 weeks.

Those are the perfect people that you want to target– your qualified candidates to start your ChiroThin weight loss program.

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