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leaky gut Repair in san mateo!


Finally You Can Get Relief From Your Leaky Gut Symptoms!

Doctor Supervised Leaky Gut Protocol!

Dr. Colgin has been serving San Mateo and helping his patients not only treat the symptoms of what’s commonly called “Leaky Gut” but also treating the root cause of what causes his patients discomfort!  Dr. Colgin takes pride in not only helping his patients but also educating his patients on how the body works and what the best course of action to treat the root cause of Leaky Gut would be!

How Is Leaky Gut & COVID-19 Connected?

In this short video by Dr. Chris Colgin of iChoose Wellness Center located in San Mateo, CA Dr. Colgin talks about how and why Leaky Gut can cause inflammatory diseases, metabolic diseases, systemic immune dysfunction, and potentially even cause you to be more susceptible to COVID 19!

What Exactly Is Leaky Gut?

Inside of our stomach we have extensive lining with more than 3,500 square feet. of surface area where your body absorbs nutrients in foods.  When your gut isn’t working properly, it forms a tight barrier that controls what gets absorbed into the bloodstream.  An unhealthy gut lining might begin to develop punctures/cracks and holes that allow partially digested foods, toxings, and bugs to penetrate the tissues beneath the gut.

The research space is booming right now with studies showing that modifications to the intestinal bacteria and inflamation may play a role in the development of several common chronic diseases that people suffer from.


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